Good News, And An Apology

Hello, faithful readers! I am most sorry for failing to post here with anything resembling decent regularity. The last month has been a haze of review reading and ordering for our BWI/YALSA Collection Development Grant (have I said we’re grateful for it? We are so grateful! *does the grateful dance*) Between the grant work and the reading and writing involved in National Poetry Writing Month, my blogging brain did not have the energies.

But! I am delighted to announce some good news. The amazing Ari at the POC Reading Challenge contacted me recently to inform me that Stone-Bow was the lucky winner of March’s prize! Ari, thank you so much for making this challenge happen. Your blog and its fantastic reviews have improved our library’s YA collection, helped me find books to love (can we say Shine, Coconut Moon?), and taught me how to write YA book reviews for the web. I am deeply grateful to you.

Coming Soon To A Stone-Bow Near You: reviews of Bizenghast (book 6), Black, White, and Jewish, Blood Roses, and Graceling. If you’ve got garters, buckle ’em up now, ’cause they are gonna roxor your soxors. Or something. Ahem. Bit of the Sunday sillies, there. Please excuse them. *grin*

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