Current Happy-Sources

The Library Alchemist over at Library Alchemy recently asked, “[W]hat’s making you happy right now?” Hmm. Good question! Let’s have a go, shall we?

Thing The First: The nonprofit I volunteer for, the Harry Potter Alliance, has raised over $82,000 for Haiti’s Partners In Health, and we’re still going strong. It’s a huge, warm-happy feeling to know that I had a tiny part in the rolling awesome that is Help Haiti Heal. If perchance you wish to help Haitians and have a shot at winning some fantabulous prizes while you’re at it, take a peek. I went for the full set of Harry Potter books signed by J.K. Rowling *drools happily* There’s stuff from Neil Gaiman, John Green, wizard rockers, and all other manner of cool as well.

Thing The Second: Grants! I won a $1,000 one that I wrote myself, and have made it to Round Two of consideration on a $60,000 one that I edited for the HPA. Total. Squee. It’s making me think, “Wow, I could probably, y’know, write grants. Or something.”

Thing The Third: Marshmallows, or rather, the prospect thereof. These are not just any marshmallows. These are Schwartz’s Out Of This World Chocolate Marshmallows, and oh, are they aptly named. I’ve only had them once in my life, but my Other of Significance is getting me some for the upcoming Corporations Say I Should Buy You Something Day. He’s so awesome, I might even share them with him. :p

Thing The Fourth: “Gasoline,” off of Airborne Toxic Event’s eponymous album. I defy you to listen to it without dancing.

Thing The Fifth: One set of illustrations to Les Fleurs du Mal, displayed on The Rumpus.

T.T. Sixth: Girls Are Pretty, a thoroughly twisted humor blog. I spent about an hour reading it last Saturday, laughing at that intensity that is approximately nine-tenths laughing and one-tenth involuntary peeing. Check out a book-related GAP!

T.T. Seventh: Patrick Stewart, in this case talking technology. Heart.

T.T. Eighth: The possibility that my Other of Significance will be working here for these folks. It’s only a possibility, and I am superstitious as all get-out about this kind of stuff, so I’ll say only that we’re both really, really excited about it. And hey, *they* contacted *him*. That’s a good sign, right?

T.T. Ninth: Library War!! Kinda weird, kinda… well, really weird, but if you’re into intellectual freedom and anime, you might enjoy it.

T.T. Tenth: So I finally triumphed over my “must not spend money on myself” mentality, and have scheduled a massage for myself on Saturday. I’ve meant to get one for nearly three years, so I’m quite proud of this progress. I’m thinking my super-tight back and shoulders will thank me.

What’s makin’ you happy at the moment?


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